Kindergarten Placement Info

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Before acceptance and enrollment, students are assessed to determine classroom placement in either Kindergarten Blue or Kindergarten Gold.

Kindergarten BLUE is for the student who:

  • Is 5 years old by Aug. 31 (year of enrollment) and
  • Scores at least 75 points on the kindergarten assessment

Kindergarten GOLD is for the student who:

  • Is 5 years old by Dec. 31 (year of enrollment) or
  • Scores below 60 on the kindergarten assessment

Kindergarten Placement Info

For those students scoring between 60-75 whose birthdays are before August 31, a determination for placement will be based on the student’s areas of strength as demonstrated during the assessment.

If a parent does not agree with placement, they may request their child be reassessed before July 1. Re-assessments will not be available during the months of July and August.

The following are some of the areas that demonstrate kindergarten readiness. Failure to demonstrate readiness in any one area will not disqualify the student from placement. It is our goal to place students in the program where they will be most successful and build an academic foundation that will support them throughout their education.

  • Recite the alphabet (not sing)
  • Recognize and name 18 of 26 capital letters in random order
  • Recognize and name at least 10 lowercase letters in random order
  • Count to 30
  • Recognize 8 of 10 colors
  • Match numerals with quantities (up to 10)
  • Name parts of the body
  • Demonstrate gross motor skills (walk, balance, climb stairs, etc.)
  • Demonstrate visual motor skills (pencil grip, drawing, writing, etc.)
  • Demonstrate an understanding of books and text
  • Demonstrate ability to use sentences of 5 or more words with intelligible speech

Purpose of Kindergarten Split Track

Allow time and instruction to students who are not academically, socially, or physically prepared to move at the accelerated pace of the Abeka kindergarten curriculum. Kindergarten Gold will move at a slower pace, allowing students to excel at their own pace. At the recommendation of the teacher, students enrolled in Kindergarten Gold, who will be 6 before Aug. 31, will be assessed for possible placement into 1st grade.