SOAR Program

Sheets Memorial Christian School offers the SOAR program (Students Overcoming Academic Restrictions) to support students with learning differences. SOAR works in conjunction with the regular classroom environment, by taking students from where they are in their educational experiences and moving them in the direction of reaching their God-given potential. We strive to produce authentic Christian leaders who are successful, autonomous learners. Often the greatest gift the SOAR staff gives to these gifted learners is time and environment. A smaller class size, individualized instruction, oral testing, and extended instruction are vital to the success of these students.

How is a student admitted into the SOAR program?
Students may be admitted into the SOAR program in one of two ways. [1] A student may be admitted into the reading/spelling program based on teacher recommendation provided there is an opening. The reading/spelling program is referred to as the Barton Program and is Orton-Gillingham based. (An instructional approach intended primarily for use with students who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing).
Students in the reading/ spelling program will not receive an IEP nor will they receive modifications for required work in the classroom.
[2] If a parent or teacher believes that individualized instruction is necessary, they may request an evaluation. This evaluation may be completed by the public school system, or through a qualified educational psychologist. Generally, an evaluation through the public school system will be free of charge but may take longer to complete. Expenses incurred with testing through an educational psychologist will be the parent/guardian’s responsibility. Testing/ evaluation should include, but is not limited to, a test of cognitive ability and a test of academic achievement. Formal classroom recommendations should also be included with the results.

SOAR Highlights

  • Orton-Gillingham based reading/ spelling program
  • Referrals for testing to local and state offered services
  • Distraction free environment
  • Individualized instruction
  • Oral testing

Who is eligible for the SOAR program?
Students who are working below grade level in core subject matter according to the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Reading Literacy Skills and Standardized Testing Models may be eligible for the SOAR program.
NOTE: SOAR is not for the child who has behavior issues or who just needs extra tutoring.

What is the grading scale?
All SOAR students are graded on the 100 point scale, which is the same grading scale as the general education classroom. No special grading advantages are given to SOAR students.

Will my student be prepared for college?
All SOAR students will complete the courses required for high school graduation. The goal of the SOAR program is to mainstream all students back into general education class full time. This is done when they are able to demonstrate not only the ability to master the material in a large setting, but also show a serious attitude and conscientious work ethic.

Does SOAR use the same curriculum as the general education class?
In most cases the same text, with adjustments, that our general education classroom offers is being used. SOAR curriculum is based on the individual learning ability of each student so instruction is tailored to meet each student’s individual needs. SOAR bases the individual learning plan for each student on up to date Scientific Research Based Interventions and best used education practices.

How much does SOAR cost?
Prices vary based on need.