Elementary Music – Beginning in the 1st grade, students set on a course that will take them from learning about the different instruments and their families to being able to read music and play a simple instrument by the end of 4th grade. Additionally, students prepare for the annual Christmas musical in December in which they are the choir for the songs or the stage actors for the play.

Band Program – The band program at SMCS begins with each 5th grade student being assigned a different instrument according to their abilities and a simple tryout process. Through the school year, the 5th grade band learns as a group and performs at several events. Upon entering 6th grade, students can choose to continue into middle school and high school while learning their instrument and performing at school functions. Our main performance group, the Screamin’ Eagles band, has performed for home basketball games, Christmas programs, Veteran’s Day parades, and an annual music festival held in Raleigh.

Private Music Lessons – At Sheets Memorial Christian School, any K5-12th grade student has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument during a half hour session with an instructor. From the piano or guitar to the saxophone or double bass, we can ensure that your student has the chance to learn the instrument that fits their liking. A recital is held at the end the of year to showcase all of the private lesson students. Lessons are held weekly and charged directly to your school bill.


Using a wide range of materials and methods, our Art program from Elementary to High School goes beyond a box of crayons. Our Art Program encourages creativity and expression. As we build upon each student’s God-given talents students are also exposed to famous works of art throughout history, and how they can apply their methods to expand their own skills. Our young artists gain confidence in critical thinking shills in order to create stronger compositions in drawing, painting, sculpting and more.