8 Benefits of a Faith-Based, Private Education [infographic]

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At Sheets Memorial Christian School, our mission is to partner with Christian families to train spiritually, intellectually, and socially balanced servant leaders whose reasoning and critical thinking skills are based on God’s word. If you are in the process of choosing a new school for your child, here are a few reasons why you should opt for a faith-based, private education.

8 Benefits of a Faith-Based, Private Education [infographic]

1.  Values-Based Education—Our Christian school is not only an educational epicenter, but also a school where your children can start to develop a strong moral foundation that will benefit them well into adulthood.

2.  Superior Academic Standards—Our teachers are motivated to teach, and our students are motivated to learn. The result is an environment centered on academic excellence.

3.  Individualized Attention—We have smaller class sizes than the traditional public school, so your child will receive ample individualized attention throughout their educational career.

4.  Positive Role Models—Our highly educated, caring teachers want what is best for your child, and they exemplify the same values that are important to you.

5.  Immersion in the Word of God—We expose our students to daily Biblical lessons to reinforce their moral development.

6.  Association with Like-Minded Individuals—Your child will have the opportunity to interact and form social bonds with those who hold their same values.

7.  Respect for the Family—We realize what an important role parents play in raising their children and do our best to involve them in the educational process.

8.  Bible-Based Education Materials- We carefully choose educational materials that are friendly to Biblical teachings and viewpoints.